What is a Flex Pass?

A Flex Pass costs $125 for each person. It allows you to purchase one seat at five different live events in the 2019-2020 season. You can choose to redeem your flex pass at any time during the season.

Please keep this in mind: One Flex Pass can be redeemed for five tickets at five different shows. Alas, you cannot use it for multiple tickets at the same show. And until general sales begin on August 15, you can’t use your Flex Pass for a ticket to a show and then purchase extra tickets to that same show. You can buy all you want on August 15, but until then, all you can do is get one ticket to a show with each Flex Pass you purchase.

Why is a Flex Pass a better deal?

Depending on the events you choose, you will most likely save money on tickets. Also, Flex Pass holders will get their choice of a Sipe Center tote bag or a Sipe Center pullover. Flex Pass holders can select their events immediately, so they can be assured good seats to any event on our schedule!

What credit cards are accepted?

Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express..

How can I redeem my Flex Pass?

Once you have purchased your Flex Pass, you will receive a PATRON ID. This PATRON ID can be entered online or in-person to redeem the event of your choice.

(By the way, it is this PATRON ID which allows you to go into the “Membership Required” areas to buy tickets before August 15. This sounds complicated, but it’s really not.)


  1. Vendini’s interface for Flex Passes is a little, well, characterless. We’re working with them, but until we get everything spruced up, just think of it as a time-travel adventure: you get to go back to the web of the 1990’s. And in that vein, when you see "Flex Pass 2" or "Flex Pass 3," you need to remember that means you're buying Flex Passes for two or three people, each of whom can attend five shows.

  2. If you buy your Flex Pass online, we will email you to get your preference of tote bag or shirt (and if shirt, then size). It might be a couple of days, but we will definitely be in touch.

  3. Please take note that as of noon on August 9, there is only one seat available for the Atlantic City Boys. We may be able to release a few additional tickets (such as unused handicap seats) approximately 36 hours before the performance.

  4. If you have questions about anything at all, give us a call at B-Connected. (540) 908-4212.